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Advertisement agencies have taken most of the industries on the top with their hard work. The kind of content these advertising agencies use and the way in which they carry it, has been unique in all sense.

Creative Advertisement is the backbone of marketing for any product. Making Video Ads to promote any product or service is not a privilege but an absolute necessity for the companies. At Smart social Advertise, we have a dedicated team of experts with years of experience of working at the top level.


2D Animation

2D Animation is the artistic way of creating two-dimensional images into animated ones with the help of some software and techniques. At Smart Social Advertise, we use the latest software and 2D animation tools like Tupi, Pencil2D, Synfig, Ajax Animator, DrawPlus, Motion, OpenToonz, and many more. These tools are used to create animations in the 2-dimensional environment.

Smart Social Advertise is the platform which provides its clients the service of making animation in 2-dimension for the different set of instructions. 2D Animations are used for products and service promotion on various platforms. These animations can be used for many purposes like creating ads, describing a short story and so on.

Motion Graphics& Typography

Motion Graphics are the animations which create the illusion of motion of an object. Through this technique of showing a video, it becomes facile for the concerned person to understand things properly.

Typography is the art of arranging type. This is done so as to give the viewer the glance of video in an eligible manner. This makes the understanding of the video much easier because all the things are arranged at proper given interval.

Therefore, when a video is made in such a way that it connects the viewer in an interactive way for their better understanding with the properly arranged types of texts and other things, the video maker feels proficient about his/her skills.


3D Animations

3D Animations are used to create ads and other promotional media. 3D Animation is a very effective medium to showcase the product’s features and benefits in a creative way. With the help of latest 3d technology, we can give a creative design to your ideas in a more meaningful and pictorial representation.

This technique is widely used by the architects and other professionals to design floor patterns and maps to the clients. 3D animation is also used to design creative tutorials for small kids to teach them about day to day things and for others to make designs, maps etc.

Smart Social Advertise has the best experts in this area with years of experience that can help you to carry out your work with their skills and knowledge of animation. This is one of the best advertising companies in India to provide us with such facilities.


Green Screen Shot & Editing

Green Screen is used to produce dynamic and highly realistic backgrounds for the ads and photographs. Green screen is used to insert Visual Effects (VFX) in different types of videos. There is a technique called ‘Chroma-keying’, in which the background is made green in color so that whenever we want to change the color of the background, it can be easily switched with it. Out of the RGB model, green color has the highest luminance. Due to this reason, the switching of the color becomes too easy with a background being green in color. This technique is named as Green Screen Shot & Editing or simply Green


Shot Editing

Smart Social Advertise gives the best services in India where you can use this technology in any video, event, or activity that you want to perform. This is the recent technology which is gaining high results from everyone.


Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation, as the name suggests, is the animation of pictures or images that are drawn on a whiteboard depicting a story in a unique way or we can say that it is a process of creating a creative story with characters drawn on a whiteboard. You all must have seen these videos on YouTube and Facebook, created in animation with a playback voice.

This technique is unique and is highly appreciable by the parents who send their small kids to schools where they are taught in this manner. This is the ultimate way of getting the things to make the small children learn through interactive way.

Smart Social Advertise, one of the best companies in India to provides an open space to the people who are interested in learning Whiteboard Animation technique and give them a platform to learn from our experienced professionals.


Photo Slideshow

Photo Slideshow is a very important tool when it comes to creating presentations or representing company’s profile to the clients. A well-developed Photo slideshow helps you to better pitch your ideas to other. Similarly, recreating memories with the images of yours, cherishing every moment of that time and living them today! Isn’t it interesting?

Of course yes! Then why not make a collage of those memories and get into reminiscence to live those old memories once again. Even before moving forward, let’s make it more interactive by making a slideshow of those colleges, adding some music to it and then enjoying it. That will be a perfect piece of recollection of memories for living it once again.

Corporate Video

Corporate Video is a type of non-advertisement based video content generally created for the promotion of a company, business etc. This type of a video is generally handled by the higher executives of a firm say, the directors or the managers. The five major steps involved in


making a corporate video is:

  • Initiation
  • Pre-production
  • Video making
  • Post-production or making changes like editing
  • Delivery of video and integration

For the companies or business, looking for a corporate video channel can get their best ones from Smart Social Advertise at Moradabad. The professionals in our institute are highly skilled in this field with an experience of more than 20 years, which can help you to carry out your work.

Event Shoot

Arresting the appealing moments and being nostalgic after seeing them sometimes make us go to that good old time for at least once. There are some moments in everyone’s life which they want to capture forever and never let them end. Events are the occasions in which everyone is seen happy with their family members, friends, and loved ones. For this, a shoot must be there to make the occasion memorable.

Event shooting is all about the moments of an event in such a way that whenever someone looks over it after a long time, each image must bring the real picture of that event into their mind with the same joy, excitement, and happiness.

Smart Social Advertise gives you the best event shooting services in India, we can shoot a video for your event, be it a birthday party, wedding, occasional party etc. We have the best-skilled videographers for event shoot.


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