Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization 

Have you ever come across the fact that whenever you search for anything on the internet, all the popular and related searches to your search pop-up on the screen. These results are based on the analysis done by the search engine, say Google, which is based on the most searched news or topic by the people.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is, therefore, the way of increasing the traffic, i.e. number of users to a certain website through organic search engine results. By this, we mean that when the number of visitors visiting a certain website will be higher in number, automatically more viewers will try to figure out what’s popular is in that web page and they will too visit that, making most of the people aware about that website. In this way, the amount of traffic to your website will be increased.

Smart Social Advertising gives you an open platform where you can easily make your website popular and make it reach to every person through search engine optimization methods.

There are several tools available for SEO. The popular ones are Google PageSpeed Insights,, Open Site Explorer, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Schema Creator, XML Sitemaps and many more.

Social Media Marketing

As someone hears the name Social Media, the immediate image coming to the mind is of ‘Like’ and ‘Share’. Social Media is the perfect platform for advertising a product or a service. It is that platform where the average human spends about 5 hours of their day scrolling the newsfeed, uploading photos, liking the posts, commenting on the posts and sharing them.

Social Media Marketing is the process of getting the attention of the traffic through social media/ social sites. Unlike Twitter, which allows sharing short messages or updates with others; Facebook, giving people an open space for performing several activities, there are other social sites too which allow the user to advertise the product, get the traffic and become popular.

Smart Social Advertise gives you the platform where you can easily get traffic for your products or services, making it reach to every person through social media Advertise.

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